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Artistic approach

The fusion of these two artists has given rise to remarkable creativity. Their medium is glass, a material that comes to life with light and deserves the utmost respect. These self-taught artists have mastered the traditional Tiffany method without being bound by preconceived notions related to their craft.


Having begun with figurative themes treated in a non-classical way for stained glass, they were inspired to take a different direction following a momentous encounter with Patrick Pépin, a popular abstract painter from Québec. A visit to his studio truly awakened in them the need to share their emotions through more abstract channels. A new communion allowed them to discern the intimate relationship between creation, artist and emotion. To blend abstract art with stained glass, they adapted a creative technique they had already explored. Seeking to create unconscious representations of emotion, they use visualization to delve into the subconscious. Once images are fully instilled, they can then be retrieved by the conscious memory to be processed and perfectly tailored to create a stained glass mosaic. This technique could be called eidetic creation, since the entire creative process relies on photographic memory. The ultimate result shows the true force of the unconscious since observers often experience very different emotions and, even more, can have their memories triggered. The artists quickly adopted a signature palette that makes their works distinctive.


On the technical side, a key achievement has been to transpose the stained glass into hanging art. The development of an effective backlight technology allows the stained glass to be displayed on a wall just as a painting would be. This feature makes their works very appealing since, like insects, we too are unconsciously attracted to light.


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